Pentary Th’ Mos is an American electronic music project led by Shelly Blake-Plock (b. 1974). A past member of the Red Room Collective and the High Zero Foundation, Blake-Plock has a deep background in experimental and free improvised music and has shared the stage with Joel Grip, Eve Risser, Dan Deacon, John Dierker, Thomas Dimuzio, Kenta Nagai, Wobbly, Jon Rose, Jennifer Walshe and many other leading avant-garde artists including at festivals and on tours in North America and Europe.

In the studio, he is known for employing a reductive approach honed over 25 years. Here, he has chipped away at the tracks methodically to identify what is essential on over a dozen albums and various singles and digital releases.

“One of my recording philosophies is the idea of reductive editing. I use the example of sculpture. There are two forms of sculpture. There is either assembling something out of things and putting them together, or there's getting the rock and chipping it down and reducing it to the final form. I think a lot of people tend to do recording that first way. They keep adding things to it. This is done completely the opposite way.” — Blake-Plock interviewed in The Baltimore Sun

With Pentary Th’ Mos, Blake-Plock fully leverages his method — blending the more conceptual aspects of experimental music with ambient soundscapes and beat-driven electronica.

Often propelled by complex chords, dissonance, compound time, and compositional devices based on Hermetic and alchemical ciphers, Pentary’s music incorporates computer synthesizers and programmed minimalist beats to produce exquisite, if sometimes difficult, new music.


Blake-Plock is currently working on “The Aires Project”, a downtempo affair comprised of variegated computer-driven music and minimal electronic beats.

Throughout 2019, Blake-Plock is releasing monthly EPs and singles containing music produced during the project sessions.

The first of these monthly releases was the 4-song EP titled “The January Working”.