Blake-Plock began playing in bands in 1990.

An unnervingly longish account of his music (and other) production is posted here. Short story is that he has produced over 25 albums, performing with scores of musicians in the studio and on tour. Highlights include The Lonely Ornamental Music of Shelly Blake (1995) “One of the most consistently remarkable lo-fi demos I have ever heard… Brilliant. A dose of genius.” — Alternative Press; The Violencestring (2007) a piece of free improvised musical theatre featuring performances by Carly Ptak, Twig Harper, John Dierker, Lyle Kissack, Lawrence Lanahan, Niklas Barnö, Eve Risser, Ben McConnell, Aaron Henkin, Ryan Dorsey, and Jenny Graf Sheppard, with Joel Grip serving as musical director; years spent on the board of the High Zero Foundation and co-organizing and performing in the annual High Zero Festival with the likes of Dan Deacon, Wobbly, and Jennifer Walshe; The Unreliable Narrator (2018) by SIGINT; and a series of singles with The Preambulators.

Shelly is currently heads-down on the production of a new collection of songs. He’s trying to convince people that despite the drum machines, cut-up techniques, synths, and swirling electric guitars, these are really just Country songs. The demos are all being recorded in the kitchen at 5858 and are being posted on Soundcloud.