The music of SIGINT derives its themes from the language and obscured histories of the defense corridor that links the bleak surroundings of the BWI Airport in Maryland to the office parks and boardrooms of Northern Virginia.

SIGINT’s methods are rooted in the exploitation of coincidence, the tactical implementation of misdirection, and the leveraged advantage of the double image.

To wit:

Such a double image is obtained in virtue of the violence of the paranoiac thought which has cunningly and skillfully used the requisite quantity of pretexts, coincidences, &c., and so taken advantage of them as to exhibit the second image, which then replaces the dominant idea. — Dalí

At the root of this music is a questioning of the meaning of codes, business opportunities, delusion, government, and parenthood. SIGINT’s debut album was recorded over 2017 in a shed on a rural outpost in central Maryland along the road that leads to Camp David.

Further, SIGINT is a story of three friends who met in Baltimore in 1991, went off separately each to get into as much trouble as possible, and who as paranoid adepts came back together to record the music of their experiences 25 years later.

I feel as though I have been waiting to hear music from these three for 20 years now… Years of experience, held close to the vest seems to have come together in a sound that lets a person know what actual love can sound like.

William Schaff, visual artist


Matthew H. Welch: Vocals, Guitar, Bass, Synths, Drum Programming
Billy Shade: Electric Guitar
Shelly Blake-Plock: Electric Guitar, Bass, Synths